Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jerome Corsi - Making America more Stupid - one book at a time.

Don't know who our boy Jerome is? Remember the novella, "Unfit for Command", a cheap rag full of half truth's and outright lies about John Kerry (including the cock-and-bull stories put forward by the group "Swiftboat Jackasses for Horseshit")? Well our boy is back at it, publishing a fictional tale next month that supposedly "outlines" Barak Obama's ties to Islam. This is pretty far fetched, even for a souless conservative schill like Corsi. Bear in mind that this kneebiter actually publishes for the internet rumor mill WorldNetDaily. (Note the banner on their homepage - "If you do not speak english, please hang up".) This bunch of clowns appeales to the uber-paranoid likes of my former co-worker "Y2K Alan", and the reactionary ingrates that run that freaky neo-nazi tinged AM radio station out of Johnstown, Colorado. Seriously, Y2K Alan used to forward me stories in the late 90's about "imminent" threats of total nuclear strikes out of the former Soviet Union and other such non-sense. He was a complete wack-job, and he got it from Corsi and his likes over at "We Make Shit up and Call it News" Daily. Or is that FOX "news"?

Anyway - here's a shot of our boy Corsi during happier times. I would hope the American public has it in themselves to recognize this sick old bastard for the freak that he is. Go to hell Jerome Corsi, and do us all a favor.

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