Friday, January 23, 2009

383 stroker small block chevy engine for sale

Howdy Y'all! Ol' Lance hittin' ya up on Friday with a *PRIMO* deal for the wise and thrifty amongst you. Behold - A Lance Classic, hand re-built BEAUTY of a power house! Heeel Yeah!, a Chevy 383 Stroker, ready to pimp your ride, Ta - Day! C'mon, I know you've been itchin' to get the old Chevy Step-Side back in action... you know, the one you call, "Little Bandit" or "Leeeetle Mule", or "Red". Well here's your golden opportunity! Just look at this piece of art. Think it reeks of speed? Buddy, this thing stinks like a fart in church when it comes to speed. Think it's got pull? Dude, this sucker's got more pull than Pee-wee at the Playhouse. And for the sweet special price of $2500, it can be yours. This won't be hangin' around long, as people around D-Town know - Lance builds 'em up right!

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Anonymous said...

Did you use forged pistons and rods? how much is shipping, to ship it to Louisiana? Is it balanced internally or externally?