Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Finest Hour

This picture pretty much sums it up.
I was able to sit down in the break room at work and watch the inauguration as well as the inaugural address. Elsewhere, I may have been more emotional, but at work I played it low-key. The man is amazing. He has more emotional connection to the American people in his little finger than Bush had in 8 years of speeches combined. *8 Freaking Years!*

I feel like we have finally turned the corner, and where Bush labeled his presidency the first of the new century, I feel like history will look at it as the final of the last. I also feel that the Finest Hour of the Bush administration passed today, between 11am EDT and 11:59am. So long, sucker.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing we spent 100 million dollars on a inaguration. I am sure you were one of the people that was bitching 4 years ago when we spent 40 million. While everyone was saying we should spend the money on our troops and the armour they need. I am sure this 100 mill could have cured the headache that this new half white president is going to tackle of digital TV transfer!