Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Palin announces formation of PAC, Cards to win Super Bowl

Sarah Palin announced the launch of her Political Action Committee today. I saw the jubliant news on FOX around 4pm MDT this afternoon. Seriously, I am STOKED!! Hopefully she will capitalize on her recent fame to suck untold millions from potential contributor's to the conservative right into the hopeless void of lunacy that her national political candidacy represents. Seriously, after 2 weeks of having the smartest guy in the room making decisions, can anyone take her wacky bullshit seriously? "I'm a hockey mom, so vote for me!" Yeah - after 8 years of being anesthetized by the daily nonsensical horseshit flowing freely from the mouths of the highest office holders in the land, this had some pull. Today, it is a colloquial farse, a pander to the slow, the weak, and the foolish. "For the price of one pack of Virginia Slims per month you could help put dip-shit in a senate senate seat, or perhaps, THE WHITE HOUSE ITSELF!" SO sign up Ta-DAY! hahaha HOOHOHO. pALIN....

Want to put your money to some real use? OK - then sign up for my newly formed PAC - "LANCE FOR PRESIDENT, SUCKAS". Seriously, thast's the full name of the PAC - Lance for President, Sucka's. All donations are almost tax deductible, and if you help elect Lance to any seat outside of county politics, he'll refund anything you couldn't deduct. Lance is on your side, brother.

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