Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pontiac Aztek's friggin' rule! - by Lance

Hola Sucka's! That's right, it's your old boy, Lance back to clear a couple of things up. First off, it has come to my attention that some out there don't think that I am, in fact, real. These people think I am some kind of figment of Hank's imagination, based loosely on that mad genius, Jim Anchower. Well guess what fools, Lance and the Honcho are as realer than the Real-Deal Holifield, you know what I'm saying?!?
And while I'm at it, that Anchower is just some punk-assed burn out, man. Not a class act like yours truly. Please, the fool drives a Festiva for crissakes. The Honcho would ROLL OVER that piece, man! No dude that calls himself a dude can drive some sucker-assed tincan like that, man! HA! Like today coming in to the shop, I saw this dude driving a "newer used" Pontiac Aztek, man. I was like, "Woah sucker - be careful driving all that *EXCITEMENT*, man! Pull over! Pull Over!" Unfortunatly, the dude was obviously blinded by all the cladding on that thing, and unable to properly "Feel the Excitment" the obviously radiated from his funky-assed Aztek. See ,that's what I'm saying, man. Some dudes just don't get it, man. Driving one of these things is like wearing an "MC Hammer" T-shirt and Flava-Flav clock around, man. Serious signs of being seriously misguided, man. I think the Dali Lama said that.

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