Sunday, March 29, 2009

PutzeSchwanzGesicht is not a word!

Guten TAG, Mein Herr. Ich bin Guenter von Weisswurst, und I have somezing zat I must zay to you. It has come to my attention zat zis fool Hank zeems to zink zat zis wort, "PutzeSchwanzGesicht" zat his friends made up in hauptschule is a real wort, und very funny. Vell, I have zis to say to you. PutzeSchwanzGesicht is NICHT EINEM WORT, you fool! Zis is ze CRRRRAP! Seine friends are vat you call ze KnuckleKnopff. Zis wort is a mockery of ze grrrreat German languaue. You sprecht scheiis ven you say zis wort. Any self respecting German Speaker vill make ze scorn on you ven you say zis wort to zem. If zey have ze self-contrrrol zey vill not take ze swing at you. You should never zay zis wort again, ever! Verstehen zie?!? VERSTEHEN ZIE?!?

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