Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make ze Road to ze Mountain fur ze Ski!

Guten TAG, Mein Herr. Ich bin Guenter von Weisswurst, und I have somezing zat I must zay to you. In ze local newspaper, I have noticed zat you Americans are confused about ze proper development zat is needed to make ze proper experience for ze ski. You see, in Baden Wissenschiflichesgekeit, we have long understood that ze paved road to ze base of ze mountain and many of ze chalets is ze proper way to create ze perfect environment for ze ski. I see in ze paper zat you fools are trying to stop ze building of ze chalet at ze resort called Wulf Creek. Vat is zis Madness? Do you not understand zat ze only way to properly get to ze mountain is in ze rear-wheel drive touring coupe, like my ZuperFantastiche B M V? Zees fools zat drive zees klutzkopf sport utilities do not zee zat vis ze addition of ze paved roads and ze heated parking, zer experience of ze ski would be much besser! Vee in Baden Wissenschliflichesgekeit love ze natur, and have been imprrrroving upon it fur centuries! Zis is why unserer mountain is ze best on ze Hungro-Austrian border!

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