Monday, April 27, 2009

Pontiac's friggin' Rule! - by Lance

Hola Amigro's! Ol' Lance was totaly bummed out when I heard that GM would be ditchin' their Pontiac division today. I mean, who else out there is gonna step it up and build *Excitement*, man?! Dude, here it is, Pontiac builds excitement, and everyone else builds excrement, that's what I say! You think I'm kidding due to my well known alligiance to the Jeep label? Well Jokes On You, sucka! Ol' Lance is a Trans-Am dude from WAYYYY BACK, Bro! Wayyyyy Back! Just check out this shot of my old 78' "Bandit". Dude - this thing *SMOKED*.
Yeah, Man! I rolled this beauty back at Hank Williams Jr. High School. I was 23 mind you, but you gotta LOVE THEM HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS! Yeah buddy! And they dug Lance and the Tranny! Woo-hoo! I used to have them leather seats burnin' up on a Saturday night, boy! Shooot, I miss that baby more than anything. See, it turns out I knocked one of them girlies up in that bad boy's back seat, man! Her Dad was so pissed, he made me a deal. I give him five grand and promise never to see his daughter again, and I was off the hook for tyhe kid! Dude! You think I jumped on that shit or what?! Damn boy! Not every day you get a 'get out of jail free' card laid on ya like that. The only bummer was that seein' as I was sorta in between work at that time, I had to sell the Bandit to pay off that chick's dad, man. Man, I was SOOOOO BUMBED OUT, man!

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