Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hank's Ford Focus up for grabs.

Howdy fools! I got some GREAT news to share today, boy! My ol' buddy Hank has finally pulled the triger on that Ford he has, and decided to put that piece on the block! Ha! It's actually in decent shape, for a weeny 2WD wagon. When we first met, I was like, "whoa bro, that's your wife's car, right?!" If it hadn't been for all the beers he bought down at El Rancho Bar here in D-town, that mighta been it. So dude comes to ol' Lance last week and is like, "Dude, you know a lot of shit about cars, right? OK, well how should I word the add to make this thing move?" Ho Ho! Now this is a task that is custom made for Lance!!

First off, I think that the strengths of the car should be brought to light - Like the Bitchin' Tint. That dark-assed aftermarket stuff from A-Z is P-I-M-P. Like how can a dude like Hank make such a boner of a call on the vehicle, and then such a SAhweeet call on the tint-job? Second, highlight the features that the car brings to your prospective buyers. Since this a tiny wagon, my guess is that someone is going to buy it for their kid. Tell them that the back seat is this sucker is *FAR TOO SMALL* for their daughter to get knocked-up in. Third, go for the econimic reasons. Since the tiny 4-banger in this ride puts out 45 horses, tell them about the 30mpg on the highway, and remind them of the tradgedy that struck last summer when gas here in D-Town hit $4 per gallon, and ol' Lance had to choose between a gallon of Wild turkey, and an extra couple of gallons for the Honcho. Rough times, dude.

Anyway, if that don't sell this thing, than nothing will!

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