Monday, October 12, 2009

Vikes, Broncos at 5-0

Week 5 in the NFL, and both the vikes (team of destiny) and my backup team, Los Broncos are sitting pretty at 5-0. Is Orton rocking the throw back porn-stache as well as the throw-back uni?

The Vikes continue to roll like thunder across their opponents. Jared Allen crushed it St. Louis, with a sac/fumble/recovery/TD and a second sack for fumble later i nthe game. The man is a wild animal.

In a possible sign of the apocalypse, the Cincinnati Bengals (proudly sporting the ugliest uniforms in the NFL) are playing football. Wait till they meet the vikes....

Go Vikes!

1 comment: said...

I wonder if Minnesota and Denver, two of the Super Bowl losing-est teams ever, aren't destined to meet at the end. How about the yellow and brown? I like it.