Friday, October 16, 2009

When an emergency at work doesn't competely suck.

Tuesday night I had to head up to the top of Missionary Ridge to check on a radio of mine that had gotten iced up the night before. It was back up, but I wanted to make sure that there had been no physical damage to the cabling or mount, and to hook up a remote power switching unit that had been taken offline. The site is accessed by a five mile jeep trial, and is only passable in the winter by Snocat or Snow Machine. Fortunately, work has a vehicle fit for the road.

About a mile from the top, I ran into this obstacle.

I headed home and then back up with the freshly tuned Husky 55.

Sometimes, these late calls and remote site access requirements don't completly suck!!

A fine piece of Network Engineering if I do say so myself!! Check out this view from the top!

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