Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hike in to City Reservoir - July 4th

Taking the advice of our neighbor, we decided to hike in to the "City Reservoir" area of the Wemuniche Wilderness area over the 4th of July. The hike is spectacular, and not too aggressive. We used the Eindlich Mesa trailhead, located atop Eindlich Mesa Road. To get there, drive past Lemon Reservoir, and continue straight as the road turns to a 4wd track. The road is in good shape, and any all wheel drive car or truck should be able to get to the top. It's 10+ miles, and takes an hour. The best advice we got was to make sure and have some cold beer handy for the trip down. The approach is mostly above treeline, so you'll want to get going early to avoid storms. The drop in to the Res is steep, but short, and the climb out to the ridge top only takes an hour.

Us looking back into the Vallecito Creek valley.

Happy Doodle #1!

The intrepid team.

Taking a break.

The peaks that comprise the south buttress of Chicago and New York Basins with silver mesa in the foreground.

Checking out the landmarks on the ridge above City Reservoir.

Doodles LOVE hikes!!

City Reservoir, queue the John Denver.

I think they dug it!

Happy Doodle #2!

Our campsite.

Before heading out.

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