Friday, July 29, 2011

McNabb a Purple Headed Warrior?!?

Aww, man! I can't believe it. I normally have to wait until the season starts to begin talking about the Vikes and their debacles, but goddamn if they havn't given me reason to already with the pending deal to acquire Donnovan McNabb from the 'Skins ... and it's still July! I have been talking steady trash about this guy being a lazy sack of sh*T for years, and now he's going to grace the squad of the purple headed warriors in 2011-12. Check out the blog below from the Washington post. It seems to sum it up well.

Romanowski: ‘McNabb was lazy’
By Dan Steinberg

I’m not sure just how often Bill Romanowski talks to Mike Shanahan nowadays, but he sure seems to think he has a read on his former coach. The ex-NFL linebacker made a bunch of radio appearances this week, and in one of them — with ESPN Boston — he attempted to clear up just what went wrong last year in Washington.

“Mike was not a difficult guy to get along with,” Romanowski said of Shanahan. “You had to be a pro. He wanted you to work hard every day. He wanted you to get there early and leave late and do not be a problem in the locker room. That’s who and what he is....

“If you get under his skin, I’ll tell you what, he will make it miserable for you. That’s the way Mike is....

“You have to be able to make the tough decisions. Look what he did with Donovan McNabb. Do you know why he had issues with Donovan McNabb? He had issues because Donovan McNabb was LAZY. He wasn’t prepared. It is a real bad thing. But guess what, Mike tried to save face, and he got caught in some situations where he should have just come out and said you know what....

“But he thought he would lose the locker room. He didn’t have to worry about losing the locker room with Albert Haynesworth. But with Donovan McNabb, he could have completely lost the locker room, so he got caught up with some issues there, kind of skating around. We all heard it last year when they benched Donovan at the end of a game and they brought Rex Grossman in and said he wasn’t ready to handle [the two-minute offense]....

“I was looking at it and I was like ‘Mike, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?’ And it was pretty clear to me. I know Mike. I’ve played for him. When you kick butt for him, you work your butt off, he will give you ultimate respect. When you don’t, he won’t.”

This does, in fact, track with much of what Jason Reid wrote this week:

People in the organization say McNabb deserves much of the blame for his disastrous partnership with the Shanahans.

They say Mike Shanahan felt betrayed by McNabb. He believed McNabb would embrace new ideas, and work harder, after being dumped by the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s why Shanahan ignored his son’s strong objections and traded second- and fourth-round draft picks for McNabb.

They say once McNabb arrived, Shanahan quickly determined his son was right. McNabb moved too slowly during practice and in games to operate their offense.

Except for the whole “lazy” word.

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