Monday, October 27, 2008

Lance's Presidential Endorsement

All right - It's down to the bottom of this campaign season, and I thought y'all might like to hear what this "Joe Six-pack" has to say on things. I mean, guys like me, we aren't used to getting the nod from total babes like that crazy hot govenor of Alaska. And man, she speaks to me, you know?! Lance doesn't need a translator to hear what she's sayin' when she talks about real American's. Heel yeah bro! Lance is down with that kind of talk. But I have to say that what really got me was this picture below. It is the highschool yearbook photo of palin's Daughter, and her totally righteous boyfriend. Dude reminds me of what i was like back then. Too bad I didn't have a totally hot girlfriend, bun in the oven or not.
Yeah - check that dude's style. Smooth Operator for sure.

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