Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McShizzle to visit D-Town.

That's right - little ol' Durango in the national campaign spotlight for 15 Minutes this Friday night, when the Republicans 'red-headed step child' candidate blows through town for some good old fashioned rabble rousing and hell raising! Yee-haw! I even think I might go, just to see what some "Real Americans" look like. My guess is that the room will smell of Horseshit & Chewing tobacco spit for a week. The only bummer here is that Gov. Palin (you know the bumper sticker, "Sarah!") will not be making a stop here with Senator McCain. It's too bad really - I guess we'll be missing out on the "Lip-Shtick" portion of this season's republican campaign. (Thanks to Erica for the pun). Side note: I love dog's, but it is a fundamental truth that Pit-Bulls are some of the stupidest animals on the planet.... you betcha, Joe 6-pack! *wink*
But there is GOOD NEWS TOO! The McCain campaign, fully understanding the weakness of their candidate amongst a vast majority of the republican party elite (Joe-dumbass, your average work-a-day Nascar fan digs him, but of course this is also the guy who voted for the notorious Bush/Cheney ticket, twice) has made provisions for one of John-boy's contemporaries to make a guest appearance with him here in Durango (see above). The thought is that Yoda will appeal to middle age folks who grew up in the late 70's at the height of his fame, and also address the concerns of the AARP members in attendance.

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