Monday, October 20, 2008

PBR For sale?

That's right, the fabeled brewer of Olympia, Blatz, and the timeless PBR is up for sale. Unfortunatly, due to a brilliant marketing campaign based on the blue ribbon won in 1893, sales of the classic brew are such that even a large microbrewery would be out of the running for a buyout. This is a true shame. When the massive Landmark Brewery closed in St. Paul, the august Scheel brewery in New Ulm picked up the LEGENDARY "Grain Belt Premium Lager" brand, and began brewing and distributing it themselves. I am repeatedly reminded that it is truly the finest Macrobrew available each time I visit the mothership, and pick up a 12'er. Too bad they don't distribute west of Iowa.

This is a lovely shot of the old Landmark Brewery at Sunrise. Shortly after this was taken, the building was demolished. A true travesty. The site is probably a mixed-use high end shopping and trendy loft complex now....

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