Saturday, February 7, 2009

'Close to the Edge' Frickin' Rocks! - By Lance.

HOLA SPACE FANZ! You know I'm back when you see this smilin' face! Yee-haw! Lance back at ya with a special release by request from my boy, Hank. Man - I hadn't seen these albums in years man, I mean years, until he busted them out today while we were wrenchin' on the jeep. You see, a few years back there was a tragic fire at my Mom's place, and the SAHWEEEEEET vinyl collection that ol' Lance had packed in over the years went up like a freakin' volcano, man! It took two days to put that shyte out - like a frickin' tire fire or somethin'. Man, I was BUMMED OUT, man! But that's the bad old days, and it's good their in my past.
When I saw this sitting on the shelf, man, I HAD TO ROCK IT IMMEDIATELY. I didn't pass go, I didn't go to Park Place, man, I threw that shit on and CRANKED IT UP! Yeah man! Back in the day, man, I used to BLAZE HEAVY to this album man! I mean, back in those days, we didn't mess around with anything besides the Mexican Red, man. Yeah - those fine red hairs over those small sticky nugs. Man, High School RULED! And any YES album was the sure fire way to guaranty a sweet ride on the Red, man. I don't even know what those dudes were singing about man! All those weird lyrics about the ancient times and things, man... YES rulez!

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