Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ska Brewing - Modus Hoperandi

Last evening we were able to head over to the "Office on the Hill" for the release party of Ska Brewing's new mainline brew, the "Modus Hoperandi" IPA. This will mark their first release that wil be sold in Kegs, Bottles, and Cans. These crazy bastards are going to tear it up with this one! The place was packed last night, with a local funk act, 'Megaphone', providing the soundtrack. After sampling the new brew, I give it two thumbs up! The hop character is strong but not overbearing with a big citrus finish. It come in around 7%abv, and 70 IBU. The malt character is very simmilar to the 'Euphoria' seasonal (winter release) IPA. I would compare the hop flavor Full Sail's IPA, though this has even more citrus peel in the finish. Well done, fellas!

A note on the name - it is a play on Modus Operandi, as in "The killer's M.O." You can't miss with bad-assed Ninja stuff like that!

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