Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramblin' Man Amber Ale, mk II.

After a fine day skiing in the sunshine out at Purgatory, what could be better than a pint of well crafted home brew out on the deck? That's right - just about nothing. Pictured here is my second attempt at a deep amber ale that I am calling the 'Ramblin' Man Amber'. The first incarnation of this brew scored a 30 (out of 50) in the recent Snodown Homebrew challenge held at the Ska Brewery(the winner in the category scored a 37). I will be serving this on tap tomorrow for the tapas and wine tasting soiree that will be going on around here. I have a keeper in this one. The next batch will hopefully have more hop in the nose. If not, I'll dry hop the sucker.

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