Monday, February 23, 2009

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks 180gm Vinyl 2008 Re-issue

If you are any kind of "Van Fan", or dig the vinyl, you'd better go and shell out the 20 clams for the 180gm vinyl re-issue of this masterwork. It has the power and beauty the likes of which are rarely seen in an artists early works - Bobby Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde' comes to mind - and a quality of sound... liquid smooth on the front with a dry finish, like a well crafted mellow red wine.

Lance was saying it reminded him of Iron Maiden's seminal release, 'Killers', and also (and I quote) "it kicks frickin' ass, man, just like Metallica on 'Ride the Lightning', Man!". I haven't heard the Maiden in a LONG TIME (I owned it on tape in the 80's...) but I guess I'll have to check it out again.

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