Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Check this out:
A new year-round IPA release added to the already strong Sierra Nevada lineup. Apparently, there are two unique facts surrounding this brew.
First, the name derives from a brewing device (the Hop Torpedo) that acts as an inline dry-hop container. Hops are packed into the torpedo, and beer is shot through it on the way to the finishing tanks. You can read about this process in the press release here.
Second, and perhaps more importantly, the beer is brewed with a NEW HOP that Sierra developed called Citra. I found the following description here:

Do you know ... The new hop variety CITRA ?:
The variety Citra, with a alpha acid content
between 10-12% and an oil content of 2-3 %
originated from a cross between the female
European noble aroma variety Hallertauer
mittelfrueh and a male that was derived from the
variety known as U.S. Tettnanger. Citra is 50%
Hallertauer mittelfrueh, 25% U.S. Tettnanger and
the remaining 25% is East Kent Golding,
Bavarian, Brewers Gold and other unknown hops.
Citra has a special flavor and aroma that it
imparts to beer. Depending on the brewing
process and the hopping rate, the flavors and
aromas of beers hopped with Citra might range
from grapefruit to lime, melon, gooseberry, and
lychee fruit
OK, I have no idea what lychee fruit is, but it sounds interresting. My only other thought on this (other than "when will I get to quaff some here in D-Town?") is that it reminds me of that classic line from the Spinal Tap song, "Big Bottom"....

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