Thursday, February 12, 2009

Favre to Retire - No one cares

Our old boy, Brett Favre has said that he'll be hanging up the axe, again. In contrast to the front page headlines that his sordid return from retirement caused back in September, (click on September 2007 at the right for comments from that time), the news today rated print on page 6A of the Durango Herald. The front page headline was a story about some dogs that were being shipped to Boulder for adoption. Well Brett, I guess we see where you rate now,sucker. The beauty of the New York Jets is that these clowns spent $140 million prior to last season aquiring talent, and still managed to miss the playoffs. Go Jets!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever re Farvre.
I saw your review of Avery's imperial stout and wanted to highlight an imperial stout by arcadia ales (out of michigan no less). i found it to be examplary in every respect. i held it up to the lightbulb in our hallway and together my toddler and I confirmed that no light passed through the 16oz glass containing the liquid.

also off the topic. lets give thanks that executive fiat again flows in favor of those things good that we can't put into words. part of southern utah is saved and it makes me happy 2000 miles away because something that was there before me and will be there long after i'm gone is saved for now and it feels so good.

chad hansen