Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Holiday Season.

Ahhh... Thanksgiving. What a great time of year. I give most thanks this year for the graceless belly-flop that the pack has taken,and the decent football that the Vikes have been putting on display. (OK, so they almost pooched it today in Detroit, but they held strong). Being alone on Thanksgiving, I headed down to my boy Chris' house for some festive celebration. This Hombre is a master chef, so I was pretty stoked on the meal we would be eating. This is the 23lb turkey that homebay had the CAJONES to do up on the grill. As always my friend, my hat is off to you. This is a great shot of me early in the afternoon explaining the multi-dimensional thoery we had in place for the grilling of the bird. The celebration was a complete success, and except for getting hit in the mouth by a snowball and the neighbors bitching to his land lord about the late-nite gunfire, everything went off without a hitch. On Friday, I decided to set up the christmas tree as a surprise for Erica. Here it is in all of its glory on Saturday morning when the sun came out. I followed this picture with a nice run, followed by a breakfast of hot coffee, biscuits, gravy, green chili, eggs, and a sour cream. Now that's good livin'.

This here is shot of the sunset down the Florida river valley on Friday night while I was coming home. Not to shabby.

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