Tuesday, December 16, 2008

18 inches of the Fresh.

FINALLY! I kick down a month ago on a BOLD and BEAUTIFUL piece of American engineering in the form of the Ariens Model 11528 Professional grade snow blower and I am forced to WAIT 3 weeks for the first real snowfall of the year. I would curse mother nature at this point, but that's about as lucky as mooning the vicker. How real you ask? Well, 18-19" inches of champagne powder here with more than 3 feet above 10,000ft. With 6-10 inches expected here tonight and more to follow tomorrow evening, WINTER IS ON here in the San Juan Mountains!! Woooo - Hooo! Believe it or not, we grilled steaks on these last night. The light was bad, but you can see the results of my morning's handiwork with the Snow Thrower in this photo. The white thing on the left is the car. Let it be know here, once and for all, that a Ford Focus Wagon IS HANDS DOWN THE WORST @#(*&^$@%^ VEHICLE I HAVE EVER - *EVER* - had the misfortune to have had to operate in snowy conditions. How serious am I about this? $3500 ask, $3250 if you tell me you saw it here first. 2001, DOHC, Cali Car, 112,000mi, auto, Serious AZ-grade Tint, 20-inch Lorenzar's, Street-Demon engine chip, twin 18" subs, 400W Pounding stereo, blood red shag roof / platinum white pleather interrior, dice, good-runner. This here is a very tense video sequence of the action earlier today out in the driveway. I had the Ariens Model 11528 Pro grade snow thrower locked into full 2-wheel drive for *FULL POWER*, which made turning the 200+ pound thing quite a challenge. As I complete the turn and am about to commit to another thrilling run down the driveway, I am surprised (happily) to see my good buddy and neighbor approching accompanied by the vicious, yet wise, attack-dog "Ari". As it turns out, he has been wrestling with his own machine all morning, trying to get it started so that he too can experience the "thrill of battle" with the flacid white foe laying at our feet. As can be seen, I pause my endeavor, and we take council. Ari, in his wisdom, suggests that we all meet at the site of the offending machine, and focus our energies on expelling the evil newt that has obviously taken residence in the fuel line over the summer. How wise, Ari... How wise. After some poking around, we dump PURE HIGH OCTANE FUEL striaght into the cylinder, replace the plug, and hit the start button. With a quiet fury born of Thor, the god of Thunder, the Yard King roars to life, it's throaty growl echoed in our cheers, and the ferocious barks of Ari.

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