Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kearney, Nebraska - a vacation paradise!

Wow - forget Iowa. if you find yourself looking to take a fine midwest vacation this winter, why not consider lovely Kearney, Nebraska. Centrally located in the middle of nowhere along the Platte River, picturesque Kearney guarantees to deliver a true midwest experience. With nothing for 400 miles to block the wind, you can bet it'll feel like winter outside, as you stay nice and warm in your room at one of the many fine hotels here in town. Want a Super 8, Comfort Inn, Motel 6, Days Inn, or Best Western hotel experience? Well then Kearney is for you! They have several of each!

But what about fine dining? Well shoot - It doesn't get any finer than Perkins, does it?

Joking aside, if you do ever happen to find yourself with a day (or 2, as in our case) to kill in Kearney, you'd better do yourself a favor and head down to the Platte River Brewery. Adam brews up a fine selection of hand crafted brews in a cool little establishment just off Central avenue, across from the tracks. This place is solely responsible for me not going ballistic at being stuck here for two days... I can't WAIT to get the repair bill.

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Mark Carlson said...

Dude, Kearney Rocks!!! I grew up a few miles from there. We used to drive there every Saturday night because it was where "all the action was" Also you neglected to mentioned the awesome Holiday Inn...they have an indoor pool.