Monday, December 15, 2008

Vikes Route Cardinals, put The Fear on the Bears.

Don't look now, but the Vikes are playing inspired football late in December. Chicago stepped up against New Orleans on Thursday night, making the game in AZ this weekend a "must win" for the nobel Purple Headed Warriors. The team aptly accepted the challenge, pounding the hapless Cardinals in what can only be described as a brutal mob-style hit in the desert. Ho Ho! With a win this Sunday against the Falcons, Chicago's season will be over, and the Vikes can prepare to shower themselves in post-season glory. It will be a tough game, even in the Dome. I look forward to watching the match from within the borders of the Northland. Sorry mom - I'll be drinking beers at your house on Sunday! In other news, the wayward Pack continues to wallow in shame, dropping yet another game in what has turned from a bad strech of track to a season gone completely off the rails. Truly a gift of Joy in this fine holiday season.

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