Thursday, December 4, 2008

What are they up to now? - BRIAN BOSWORTH a.k.a "The BOZ"

I don't know what got me thinking about our old boy Bosworth (aka The Boz) but once I did, I figured he was a shoe-in for this on-going joke of mine (Click the Labels link below for the rest of the posts). The Boz is seen here back in his glory days when hie played "John Stone" in the half-assed thriller "Stone Cold". This movie is so weak that it is no longer even considered for the mid-afternoon Saturday slot on USA network. Like his football career, The Boz's film career came to an abrupt end shortly after "Stone Cold" exited the theater it played in.

So what is such a fine actor as The Boz up to now, you ask? Why, good thing you did! Our friends at IMDB indicate that he has just put a wrap on a new movie starring none other than Gary Busey! With this "power duo", how could the end product cease to suck? Anyway - the movie is called, "Down and Distance". The plot is described below:

"An immature football coach's life is falling apart. Marital problems, mounting gambling debts, unemployment, two children who are distancing themselves from him and an aging father. He has the opportunity to get back to coaching college football if he can get his youth football team to win their championship game. So he breaks all the rules to make it to the finals, where he must confront an old rival with a powerhouse team and his conscience has to decide if it's about winning or fair play."

Hmm - If I didn't know who was in it, I might just geive it the benefit of the doubt. However, understanding that it stars NOT ONLY The Boz, but the illustrious (and bat-Shit Crazy) Mr. Busey, I can't help but feel that this sucker's gonna go over like a ripe fart in church.

Well done, Boz! 'A' for effort buddy!

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Tree said...

This shit isn't even going to make the theater. Straight to VHS, it's not even worthy of DVD!