Thursday, December 16, 2010

And the hits just keep on commin'

Seriously? Check out the loaders that are waist deep in snow. According to "The two biggest concerns (over playing at TCF Stadium), according to Minnesota assistant athletic director Scott Ellison, were if all the snow can be removed in time and whether or not the frozen field could be softened to a level that won't hurt the players".

Thaw the field. Like with steam and tarps... yeah - it'll be just dandy when the wraps come off, and the sucker tightens up like a drum in the sub-freezing temps. maybe a nice slick of glaze ice to slow down the receivers?

As for injuries, reports that Favre is still broken, TJ has a serious case of Turf-Toe, and the rookie Webb has a pulled hamstring (in addition to BEING A ROOKIE!) So the vikes have pulled in CFL grade vet Ramsey to help finish out the season.

Just end it now....

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