Friday, December 17, 2010

Is the "Home Field Advantage" worth it?

From today:

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who suffered a concussion in a game earlier this season, said the condition of the field was "the main concern with the guys in the locker room."

"We don't want to go out there and play on a concrete-type surface," Cutler said.

University officials said they planned to use a tarp over heating coils to soften the field before the game.

Considering the temps should be in the single digits, the generous warmth from the heating coils (yet to be deployed) will likely penetrate what, maybe 1 inch? They ought to just plow the dome parking lot, make it standing room only / BYOB, and play the sucker street-fighter style.

This from the Vikes marketing shill, Steve LaCroix:

"We think it's going to be great," LaCroix said. "It's nighttime football, it's going to be freezing cold temperatures, it's going to be very memorable."

That guy is *full* of horseshit. I guess that's his job, isn't it?

Oh wait, there's more! Sounds like The Rookie Joe Webb will be the starting QB for the Vikes.

go vikes?

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