Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vikes take a beating, Favre sits at 297

In signs that the Dome collapse will portent an ill fate to the 2010 season, the vikes got crushed handily by the flatulent Giants in DETROIT last night after the game was moved due to a roof failure at the metrodome. Calamity number two was the ending of Brett Favre's starting streak at 297, due to a serious injury to his shoulder last week. Add to this a brief moment of sheer panic when T.J banged his knee and had to sit a down, coupled with the odd metric of zero fan noise due to the fact the freaking GAME WAS IN DETROIT, and it is hard to conclude anything other than disaster for the remains of the season.

Issue number one is where the scheduled Monday night game against the stinking Bears will take place next week. With some talk of an outdoors game at the U of M stadium, I can't wait to see a below zero snow bowl in MN for the first time since the early 80's. That's exactly what is needed to end the crap about building an open stadium for the vikes. You people are crazy, and enjoy freezing your butts off next week, suckers.

Issue number two is the question of a new stadium and if the team will move. With money together in LA, the stadium is a must to keep the team. The owner would be mad to refuse a decent offer after his stadium collapsed. It's really up to the MN taxpayer now. I don't envy the cost, but I also remember the North Stars moving to Dallas the year after wining the Stanley Cup due to the inability to get a new stadium built. The new stadium was then built some time later at a greater cost, and a new team created, sans 30 years of history. Real clever, MN sportsfan. If the Vikes leave, there's only the face in the mirror to look at.

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