Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vinyl Picks for 2010

The following are my top picks for vinyl releases in 2010. All kick serious ass in their own right. Possibly to be included, but not yet in my possession, the 9 album re-issue of Bob Dylan's first nine albums in mono (HFS, right!), and Kid Rock's new release, Born Free (I am a sucker for Bob Seger and understand that this one includes NO METAL and NO RAP, so I bet it rocks!)

This release from Petty stands proudly amongst his best. ROCKIN! Great lyrics, great double disc 180gm presentation, Petty isn't missing a beat. If you love rock n' roll... and check out the picture on the cover. These guys know how to rock, and once again they throw down the gauntlet with Mojo.

My original take on this album, before I knew the story behind the recording, or the story behind the handmade axe that Young wields on it, was that "Le Crap" would be a better title. After reading the story, and listening to the mp3 at a good friend's house, the vinyl was put on order. Easily Young's most intimate album, this thing kicks ass with the same power of the soundtrack to the film "Dead Man". Brooding and introspective, recorded only at night by moonlight, Young lay's it down again on Le Noise.

I bought this and Dan Auerbach's solo effort from 2009 together. What a trip. How these guys can keep a 2-piece rock unit interesting is beyond me, but the proof is this the rock on this album.

Cadillac Sky's 2010 release, Produced by Dan Auerbach, is quite a jump from traditional bluegrass, and sounded great up on stage at the 2010 Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Check it out!

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